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24" 3D Hologram Advertising Display Led Fan HD

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It is a kind of aerial phantom media display device which uses the rotating display of LED lamp bar and the principle of human eye temporary to form graphics, animation and video. Because the product has no border and background, it makes the user feel that the image is three-dimensional floating, so it is called holographic advertising machine.

  • Strong stereoscopic sense, product can be displayed in all directions, visual effect is shocking and experience is strong, eye-catching effect is good, advertising effect is excellent.
  • Wide application and high sustainable development.
  • The product has strong pertinence and good rendering effect.
  • Equipment with novel technology and lower cost than traditional explicit equipment
  • Special display principle, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection
  • APP cluster control, small program application, convenient and convenientĀ 
  • High Brightness (1200 Mcd) satisfies day and night advertising effects and provides benefits
  • High resolution and high refresh rate to improve the long-distance viewing effect