Clearance Deal! Hoverboard Drift Trolley Backpack

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Waterproof Backpack to Carry/Store your Drifting Board 

  • For Drifting Boards with 6.5inch wheels and max. 20.8inch total length. 
  • The backpack is made from strong and durable nylon. It has 2 zippers that give maximum access to the backpack, allowing you to store your Drifting Board with great ease. 
  • The lining of the backpack is waterproof. It will protect your Drifting Board from rain, snow, etc. The backpack can not be submerged in water. 
  • Custom double layer cloth, protection your Board BETTER. 
  • The mesh pocket is the ideal spot to store the charging adapter of your Drifting Board. But you can also use it for drink bottles, wrist guards, sunglasses, beanie hats, etc. 
  • For comfortable carrying, the backpack is equipped with an adjustable shoulder straps. 
  • The carry handle can also be used to hang the backpack onto a coat hook. 
  • The wheel can be took off for just backpack use or cleaning.


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